AUNE Jasper In-Ear Monitors

  • Multi Gradation Diaphragm
  • Ultra-Linear Magnet System
  • Ultra-Low Distortion
  • Best Materials precise Tuning
  • Pure-Fidelity IEMs
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AUNE Jasper

Initating with the pure-fidrelity reproduction of the original music recording/live scene, the Aune acoustics team spent three years on the in-ear monitors`R&D. Sticking tot he standard acoustics design principles, we are devoted to the refinement of each and every step – the transducer`s magnet system, the susoention, the diaphragm and the chamber. All those make the Jaspermore than just another pair of in-ear monitors.
It`s like a whole concert hall hidden in your ear.

The MGD Diahpragm
The MGD – multi-gradation diaphragm, with the materials to die for, hast he characteristics of high damping, high speed and high stiffness. The unique diaphragm makes it possible to vividly reproduce all kinds of music, even a whisper.

Ultra-Linear Magnet System
The combination oft he specially-designed ultra-linear symmetric magnet system and the multi-gradation diaphragm (MGD) build the dynamic core with ultra-low distortion, providing the Jasper In Ear with constant power.

The Chamber Matters
The carefully dersigned chamber helps scatter the internal sound waves and expand the soundstage with accurate and clear imaging. Dont be shocked if you feel like sitting in a concert hall.

Design Philosophy
The strictly selected diaphragm, the ultra-low distortion transducer, the carefully designed chamber.... All those efforts were made to present the musicians´feelings and expressions, as they are. Jasper – the audiophile In-Ear Headphone.

Elegant Design
Feel the Beauty of The Curves
Arc ist he main design element oft he Jasper, delivering a sense of gentlebess and inclusiveness. Feel the Jasper, feel the beauty oft he curves.

Aesthetic Tuning
Tuning is essential. In Aune´s acoustics team, tuning is not merely listening, but an indispensable part oft he development. With the background of studio recording and experience of music – both listening and playing, the aune acoustics team takes real instrument sound and music pieces as reference in tuning, giving you a breathtaking listening experience.

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