Aune S1c Pro Audio Word Clock

High End Audio Clock

Custom OXCO

Titans Lab FS-1

Powerful Clock Source

Low Loss Frequency Synchronisation

Excellent Isolation Design

High Performance Output Drivers

3x 10MHz; 3x WCK Outputs

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Aune S1c Pro Audio Word Clock

The Essential Audio Clock

Professional Frame

The Aune S1c Pro is a high-performance audio clock with the custom audio-optimized OCXO, the FS-1 frequency synthesizer designed by Titans Audio Lab, multiple independent 10M and World Clock outputs and the high-performance solution of power-and-signal isolation. The over all frame design is Hi-End standard.

High-Performance Clock Source

The S1c Pro uses the high-stability and low-phase noise OCXO which was customized by an American Hi-End manufacturer.The audio-related specifications were specifcally optimized. A high-performance OCXO is like the engine of a sports car, providing the system constantly with great power.

Low-Loss Frequency Synthesizing

How to synthesize WCK frequency from 10M frequency is a big challenge in the audio clock field. The S1c uses the FS-1 high-performance frequency synthesizer designed by Titans Audio Lab. lt is like a high-performance gearbox, which, when shifting gears with ease, doesn't let go of any bit of power.

Creative lsolation Control Design

For most traditional audio clocks, the noise generated by control circuits would influence clock circuits work. The S1c uses the specially designed circuit of power and signal isolation, therefore the control and the clock won’t interfere each other, which guarantees the ideal working state of the clock circuit.

Powerful Output Drivers

The S1c Pro has three 10MHz outputs and three WCK outputs. The 10M output applies flexible adaptive-Z Technology, and thus is compatible with devices with impedance input of 50R, 75R and even 10k. In the meantime, the WCK output perfectly matches the general 75R. The six high-performance drivers, like the great-grip tires of a racing car, transfer clock signals accordingly to the connected devices losslessly.

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