AUNE X1s Pro Headphone Amplifier Hi-Res (Black)

  • 7th Generation of X1 Series
  • Hi-Res up to 32bit/768k and DSD512
  • DAC-Chip ES9038Q2M - three Filter modes
  • For Portable Devices Too
  • USB-B; Toslink; Coaxial S/PDIF
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Aune X1s Pro

32bit/768k DSD512 DAC / Headphone Amplifier

Hi-Res Formats - Multi-Function - Classic
The X1s Pro is the 7nd gen of the Aune X1 series. With the ES9038Q2M DAC chip (three filter modes) and the decoding capability of 32bit/768k and DSD512, it is a high-performance DAC / headphone amplifier for computers, digital transports, portable music players, mobile phones, etc.

Supports Hi-Res Formats
The decoding capability of DSD512 and PCM768k satisfies your need for high resolution.

The 7th gen of the classic X1 series, praised by audiophiles worldwide.

Improves Computer´s Sound Quality
Brings Out Active Speakers / Headphones Full Potential
The X1s Pro can be connected to a computer via USB to be an external DAC that significantly improves the sound quality. And then it can be connected to a pair of active speakers or headphones to bring out their full potential.

Coaxial Output Supports 384k and DoP128
The X1s Pro can be connected to the X5s 6th Anniversary Edition via coaxial to build a HiFi audio system that directly decodes 384k and DoP128 WITHOUT a computer.

A DAC for Portable Devices Too (corresponding cable needed)
The X1s Pro can be connected to an iPhone / Android phone / portable music player via USB. The sound quality improvement is instant.

Able to drive most Headphones with the 5th Gen Amp Module
The X1s Pro embraces the 5th gen class-A amp circuit after eleven years. When worked as a headphone amplifier, the X1s Pro can drive most IEMs and headphones.

Independent Power Supply for Digital and Analog Circuits
The X1s Pro has a two-stage digital power suplly and a two-stage analog positive and negative voltage regulator circuit, enabling you to expirience rich details and excellent dynamics.

Easy to use: One Button to Change Inputs and Filter Modes
Press the button on the front panel to change inputs; press it longer to change filter modes. Three filter modes offer three different timbres. There is always one for you.

Aesthetic Design
The Aune X series has a special arc shape design and golden ratio length to width, giving it great aesthetics.

Excellent Specifications
The ultra low noise of 3.5µV and the ultra-low THD+N of -102dB gives the X1s Pro a darker background and makes the details stand out more. The wide dynamic range of 117dB and the outstanding transient offer excellent sound expireience.

Professional Tuning
The tuning is based on real instrument sounds and musical content referencing, resulting in a signature that is natural and full of musicality.

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