AUNE X5s 6th Bluetooth Edition (Silver)

  • aptX / aptX-HD / AAC / SBC
  • HD Bluetooth In / Out
  • Up to 2TB - 30.000 Songs
  • SD Card; USB Drive; USB Flash
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Aune X5s 6th Bluetooth Edition Multi Function Digital Music Player

A High Quality Bluetooth Launcher which Supports Multiple Formats The X5s 6th Anniversary Bluetooth Edition supports Bluetooth launch, which makes it easy for Bluetooth headphones and Bluetooth speakers connection.

Bluetooth Asynchronus FPGA Technology Transport / DAC Suppoorts master tape level music file playback, high-definition Bluetooth receiving and Bluetooth launch. Play music files from your smartphone on the X5s Bluetooth Edition, it will become a digital transport with Bluetooth asynchronus FPGA technology. It has outputs of AES, coaxial, optical and line out.

Focused – FPGA – Multi-Function
The X5s 6th Anniversary Edition ist he third generation oft he Aune X5 series. With the freescale 600M processor, a hardware decoding system and the third generation FPGA asynchronus technology, it is a multi-fuctional digital music player / transport that purley focuses on sound quality.

Hardware Decoding
Decodes PCM and DSD based on hardware, up to 384k/DSD256. Supports CUE playback.

Brings out Your Active Speakers´Full Potential
The line output enables the X5s to be connected to active speakers and thus build a HiFi system in your living room / study. It can bring out the full potential of your active speakers.

As A Digital Transport with Ultra Low Jitter
The Aune self-developed algorithm FPGA outputs ultra low jitter digital signals (Coaxial / Optical / AES) as low a 237.6ps. Coaxial output supports DSD128 32bit/384k.

Coaxial Outputs Supports 32bit/384k DoP128
The X5s 6th Anniversary Edition which uses FPGA asynchronus digital output, together with the X8 DAC (uses self-developed algorithm FPGA) or the S6 Pro DAC/headphone amplifier, can build a small music player system that can achieve DoP128 and 32bit/384k WITHOUT a pc.

Capable and Focused
With the pure underlying system that took six years to complete, the DAC part is more direct and efficient, delivers authentic sound with better quality.

Better Processor, Better Performance
From the 1st gen X5s 80MHz processor, tot he 2nd gen X5s 180MHz processor, tot he newest gen X5s 6th Anniversary Edition´s 600MHz processor, the X5 series´performance grows better and better. The fast booting and response is more satisfying than ever.

3rd gen FPGA Asynchronus Clock FIFO Technology
ARM decodes music files directly, transmits the signals tot he FPGA with ultra low jitter clock, regenerates ultra low jitter digital signals. And thus, the ultra-low-jitter digital outputis achieved. Every detail of the music file can be reproduced.

Easy to Use
With a remote control, you can use the X5s 6th Anniversary Edition with ease.

Supports Various External Storage Devices
It has an SD card slot and a USB port; supports 2T mobile hard disk drive and about 30.000 files.

Adjustable Line Out & Four Filter Modes
Adjustable line out selectable, four filter modes to choose from. There is always one for you.

Fully Isolated Output, Zero Interference
Digital output uses professional fully isolated digital transformers, leading to purer digital signals with zero interference.

Aesthetic Design
The Aune X series has a special arc shape design and golden ratio length to width, giving it great aesthetics.

Excellent Specification
Digital output distortion: -141dB; Jitter: 237.6ps; line out noise: 5.4 µV; THD+N: -101dB.Excellent specifications are the base for excellent sound.

Professional Tuning
The tuning is based on real instrument sounds and musical content referencing, resulting in a signature that is natural and full of musicality.

X5s + X7s = 32bit/384k DSD256 player system for headphones

X5s 6th Anniversary Edition + X8 with FPGA tech = HiFI audio source system

X5s 6th Aniversary Edition + X8 with FPGA tech + X7s = Multi function system

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