AUNE X8 Magic Digital-Analog-Converter (Black)

  • Hi-Res up to 32bit/768k and DSD512
  • Op-Amps interchangeable
  • Seven Filter-Modes
  • Aune FPGA Technology
  • Variable Preamp Out
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Aune X8

32bit/768k DSD512 Magic DAC

Hi-Res Formats – Multi-Effects – Multi-Function
The X8 is a DAC of the AUNE X-series. It uses Aune´s self-developed FPGA technology and supports music files up to PCM768 / DSD512. The OP-amp is interchangeable and there are seven filter modes to choose from. It is a DAC purley focused on sound quality.

Supports Hi-Res Formats
The X8 supports music files up to DSD512 and PCM768k. It satisfies your demand for high resoulution.

Improves Computer´s Sound Quality

Brings Out Active Speakers´Full Potential
The X8 can be connected to a computer via USB to be an external DAC that significantly improves the sound quality. And then it can be connected to a pair of active speakers to build a HiFi audio system or a headphone amplifier (eg. The Aune X7s) to build a HiFi headphone system.

Coaxial Output Supports 384k DoP128
The X8 can be connected tot he X5s 6th Aniversary Edition via coaxial to build a Hifi audio system that directly decodes 384k and DoP128 WITHOUT a computer, And then it can be connected  to a pair of active speakers to build a small HiFi audio system in your bedroom or study , or a headphone amplifier (eg. The Aune X7s) to build a HiFi headphone system.

A DAC for Portable Devices Too (correspending cable needed)
The X8 can be connected to an Iphone  / Android phone / portable music player via ist USB output. The sound quality improvement is instant.

Timbre/Detail/Dynamic/Depth – Make Changes at Yout Will
After six modifications of wiring optimizations, the X8 peripheral circuit is compatible with all kinds of dual op-amps. Different dual op-amps´characteristics can be fully displayed.

Fixed Line Out & Variable Preamp Out
The X8 has both fixed output and variable pre-amp output that uses analog potentiometer, which enables it to be either a audio source or a pre-amplifier for active speakers.

Op-Amps Interchangeable
The op-amp at the bottom can be interchanged with a vaitey of dual op-amps to give the sound different timbres. With such a paintbrush in your hand, you can paint your own music world.

Seven Filter Modes
There are seven filter modes for you to choose from. Each gives you a different taste.
There is always one for you.

The international edition is eqipped with high quality power supply with ultra-low ripple noise.

Aesthetic Design
The Aune X series has a special arc shape design and golden ratio length to width, giving it great aesthetics.

Self-Developed FPGA Core
The X8 adopted the self-developed FPGA as the processing core of digital signals, which makes DSD128 via coaxial possible. And the digital signals are also cleaner.

Excellent Specifications
Actual measurements: noise:2.96µV; THD+N: 0.0006%. Excellent specifications are the base for excellent sound.

Professional Tuning
The tuning is based on real instrument sounds and musical content referencing, resulting in a signature that is natural and full of musicality.

X8 with FPGA tech + X7s = 32bit/768k DSD512 audio systems for headphones

X8 with FPGA tech + X5s 6th Annivarsary Edition = Audio source system

X5s 6th Anniversary Edition + X8 with FPGA tech + X7s = Multi function system

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From Felix from Laibach ()
It is magical indeed in sound but not fancy visual. Pair it with X7s and dedicated power supply and you are lucky winner.