AUNE XP2 Power Adapter X/T-Series 2x DC (Black)

  • 2 Outputs DC 9 V 1 A
  • For DC Models of X and T -Series
  • X1s Pro / X5s 6th / X8 / T1s
  • 2 DC Models can be connected
  • Sound Quality Improvement
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Aune XP2

High Quality Upgrade Power Adapter

Improvement – Isolated – Stabilizing
The XP2 and the XP3 are the second generation oft he Aune XP series upgrade power adapters for the Aune X -and T-series. With the custom audio tranformer with high quality silicon steel sheet and ulta-pure cooper wire coil, the XP2 and XP3 can significantly improve the Aune X- and T-series´sound quality and bring out their full potential.

Better Custom Silicon Steel Sheet
Based on years´expirience and feedback of the XP1, the toroidal transformer oft he XP2 and XP3 has optimized the silicon steel sheet to make it perfecttly match the new Aune X and T seies.

The Winding Wire That Improves the Sound Quality
The ultra-pure cooper wire coil leads to low loss and high efficieny.

The Winding Insulation Material That Improves the Sound Quality
Strict material selection, only for better sound.

Linear Regulator
Enjoy your personal music environment. Free from ripple.

High Quality HiFi Components
To achieve better performance and quality, we choose components only from world-famous professional manufacturers like ON, TI, WIMA, Panasonic, etc.

Significant Sound Quality Improvement
X1s Pro: Low and mid frequency´s density increased.
X5s: Darker background.
X7s 2019: Low-frequeny dynamic enhanced; mid and high frequeny smoothness increased.
T1s: Richness increased.

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