Aune Flamingo BD Bluetooth Receiver Tube DAC

The Aune Flamingo BD is the newest member of the Aune Flamingo family. The Flamingo BD is especially suitable for those who want to enjoy their digital music wirelessly or who want to add Bluetooth functionality to their existing DAC. 

With Bluetooth 5.1 and the currently best audio Bluetooth codex aptX HD and LDAC, the Aune Flamingo BD can receive data in high resolution up to 24bit and 96kHz from smartphones, tablets, PCs, TVs or other Bluetooth transmitters and convert them from digital to analogue in the well-known Aune quality and then play them back on amplifiers, AC receivers or active speakers. Alternatively, the digital signal can be passed on to an external DAC via coaxial or optical. 

The Flamingo BD is particularly suitable for those who want to enjoy their digital sources exclusively wirelessly and with the advantages of the warm melodic sound of the tube system. Those who also appreciate wired digital inputs should take a closer look at the brother Flamingo BT DAC headphone amplifier.