Aune at the Highend Munich 2022

We packed our suitcases and everything that Aune offers and will offer in the next few months ;) and made our way to Munich.

With us were:
Aune X1s GT Headphone Amp DAC
Aune X1s GT BT Headphone Amp DAC Version (Premiere)
Aune X5s 8th Digital Music Player
Aune X7s 2021 Class A Headphone Amp
Aune X8 XVIII Magic Dac (Premiere)
Aune X8 XVIII BT Magic Dac (Premiere)
Aune XC1 Audio Clock
Aune BU1 Headphone Amp DAC
Aune BU2 LDAC Headphone Amp DAC
Aune M1P (Pre-series)
Aune Jasper In Ear Monitor
Aune T1 (Pre-series) Tube Headphone Amp DAC
Aune S6c (Pre-series) Headphone Amp DAC

3-way combination in test use: Aune X7s + Aune X8 XVIII (Premiere) + Aune X5s 8th

The Aune X5s 8th plays the digital data of an SD card to the X8 XVIII digital analogue converter and the analogue signal continues to the Aune X7s class-A amplifier. (Of course, a different setup can also be selected).

Aune Portable:

Aune M1P DAP (pre-series), Aune BU2 LDAC DAC headphone amplifier, Aune BU1 DAC Headphone Amp

Test set with central audio clock and external linear power supply:

Aune X5s as digital player here in DSD128 + Aune XC1 audio clock + Aune X1s GT DA converter headphone amplifier + 2x Aune XP2 linear power supply for all three digital audio devices. The clock was always preheated for listening tests :)

Double premiere:

Aune X8 XVIII Magic DAC 18th anniversary edition now with TRS balanced outputs and optionally as Aune X8 XVIII BT Bluetooth version with the best transmission codex AptX HD and LDAC currently possible. As with the predecessor, the op-amps can be exchanged. The popular Aune X8 now only more and better!

The recently released Aune X1s GT now gets a second version, the Aune X1s GT BT. The X1s GT BT is the same version but now equipped with Bluetooth in LDAC and AptX HD quality. Thus, it is now possible to connect directly and wirelessly in best quality with the computer, smartphone or tablet. Presented in our test tower with the Aune XC1 as external audio clock and linear power supply with the Aune XP2.

The Aune S6c digital-analogue converter headphone amplifier of the Aune S series is the second model after the Aune M1P that was present as a pre-series model at the High End in Munich. The S6c will be available soon and closes the gap left by the predecessor Aune S6 Pro in the high-end series.

And with the Aune T1 XVIII now the third pre-series device we were allowed to show at the Highend Munich. The Aune T1 XVIII attracted a lot of interest at the audio fair and the digital-analogue converter-headphone-amplifier combo received a lot of positive feedback in listening tests. The Aune T1 will be available soon and there will be more innovative devices in the Aune T series soon.

The Aune Store team is looking forward to the next High End Show in Munich. As usual, we will also be on site at Highend 2023 with many new innovations.