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    Aune S9c Pro BT Reference DAC Headphone Amp

Aune S9c Pro

The Reference DAC with headphone amplifier, two DAC chips, up to 5 watts of power and IIS Differential Transmission Isolation technology - in short, extremely clean and harmonious reproduction - all from one unit.

    Aune S9c Pro BT Reference DAC Headphone Amp

    Aune S17 Pro Headphone Amp

Aune S17 Pro

Aune's Reference Class A headphone amplifier with the ingenious audio design with best components is considered a sure legend already at its introduction and helps every headphone to unimagined potential.

    Aune S17 Pro Headphone Amp

Aune X-Series

Whether pure headphone amplifier, multi-function digital-to-analog converter or digital music player, the X-Series offers you the finest listening pleasure. The X-Series has shaped Aune's long success story, but is always up to date.

Aune BU2

Hi Res DAC on-the-go combo with dual DAC, clock synchronization technology, Bluetooth AptX HD, LDAC and four independent amplifiers.

Aune X5s 8th Aniversccary Edition

Aune`s Multi Function Digital Player for data storage up to 2GB, receive and transmit in Bluetooth HD AptX quality thanks to Bluetooth Asynchronous FPGA Regeneration technology.

Aune Jasper

Top class in-ear headphones with multi-graduation diaphragm, ultra-linear magnet system, finest material tuning and all that in Aune quality.