Aune S9c Pro BT Reference DAC Headphone Amp

Hi Res up to 768 Khz 32 Bit DSD 512 MQA 16x

2 DAC chip parallel and synchronous

Fully discrete 5 Watt amplifier

3 headphone outputs balanced / single ended

PLL Clock Synchronization 2nd Gen.

LDAC AptX HD Bluetooth input with clock synch.

50 Watt Linear Analog Transformer

Support for external clock

Twin Field Effect Transistor

Aluminium Remote

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Aune S9c Pro BT

Reference DAC Headphone Amp

Bluetooth AptX HD LDAC Version

As Aune’s new generation of DAC with headphone amp that took 2 years to develop, the S9c Pro has the features of full clock synchronization, the 2nd gen of ultra-low-jitter PLL core, the 10M clock input, the specially designed filter modes with our own algorithm, Dual-ES9068A, and the fully-discrete headphone amp whose output power is as high as 5W. It just stands out in every way.

2nd Gen of PLL Core

Pure, Right from the Start

The 2nd gen of PLL core is a tech breakthrough that took four years. The complex and precise algorithm enables it to output frequencies corresponding to different resolutions. The ultra-low-jitter clock source is fed to the USB XMOS/SPDIF and the DAC part simultaneously, leading to the natural and vivid sound.

Clock Sync Tech for the 16-Core USB Framework

Master-Tape-Grade USB Decoding

Usually, USB XMOS uses two oscillators to generate clock signals. The S9c Pro, however, innovatively adopts the ultra-low-jitter PLL to output clock signals, and thus allows the USB XMOS and the DAC chip to share the same clock source, which leads to the genuinely high fidelity.

Clock Sync Tech for Digital Framework

High Fidelity for the Pairing with Digital Transport/Player

The digital part also adopts clock synchronization technology - converts the coaxial/AES/optical signals to IIS signals, and together with the ultra-low-jitter PLL clock signals gets reshaped, making the pairing with digital transport/player so genuinely high-fidelity as well.

The Innovative Global Clock Synch Framework

The Fully-Discrete Amp with Twin JFET per Channel

Powerful and Rich-Sounding

The S9c Pro uses fully-discrete amp circuit which has fast transient response, and twin JEFT (junction field effect transistor) as the input-stage of the amp circuit which has high impedance and mellow sound; together with the ±15V linear power supply whose output power is as high as 5W, the S9c Pro has a very powerful amp that can bring out the potential of your headphones.We customized the amp output voltage curve, so not only headphones but also IEMs can be driven just in the right way.

Clock Sync Tech for Bluetooth Also

Get “HiFi” with Bluetooth!

Even the Bluetooth part adopts clock synchronization technology - the S9c Pro converts the signals from the HD Bluetooth module gets to IIS signals, and reshapes the IIS signals with the ultra-low-jitter PLL clock signals. With clock synchronization, Bluetooth can have high fidelity too.

Dual DAC Chip

And Work in Clock Sync Mode

The S9c Pro not only has two ES9068 DAC chips, but also, with the PLL technology, has them work in the mode of clock synchronization. Moreover, we optimized the way of power supply, to bring out the chips’ potential.

3 Headphone Outputs

Compatible with All Kinds of Headphones and IEMs

The S9c Pro has headphone outputs of single-ended 6.35mm, balanced XLR and 4.4mm, compatible with all kinds of headphones and IEMs.

Two Tuning Modes

Two Different Tastes

To pursue better sound, we specially developed two tuning modes from two PLL modes and filter modes. MODE 1 Standard Mode - The S9c Pro works in the state of fast locking and low latency. The sound is neutral and natural. MODE 2 Pure Mode - The high-performance PLL provides more precise clock signals. In this mode, the performance of the DAC is improved. Higher sound density. Better soundstage.

10M External Clock Support

More Possibilities of the Sound

Clock, the core and source of the whole digital circuit. The S9c Pro has the excellent PLL core and the 10MHz clock input, giving you more room of sound exploration. (Recommended audio clocks: aune S1c / aune SC1 / aune XC1)

IIS Differential Transmission Isolation Tech

Clean, Super Clean

The S9c Pro uses the special onboard- llS differential isolation transmission technology - the IIS signals from USB and the llS signals converted from coaxial/AES/optical, gets reshaped by the PLL core, and the signals are transmitted and received by the symmetrical circuit chips. The transimission is almost free from interference. Pure and clean.

50W Low-Ripple toroidal Transformer + 23900μF Capacitor Array

Enjoy The Richness

The 50W toroidal low-ripple analog linear transformer, together with the 23900μF capacitor array, provides big power to the S9c Pro. The linear power supply has this unparalleled sound advantage, giving you the charming rich sound.

Multi-Function Knob & All-Aluminum Remote

Easy & Fun to Use

The front plate is clean and simplistic, and the knob can execute multiple functions. Let the listening be pure and easy.

The well-designed all-aluminum remote makes the control even more enjoyable.

Rigorous HiFi Component Selection

Only for the Sound

The components used for the S9c P ro are high-quality ones that are carefully selected, such as the C0G and the FK HiFi capacitors, the SMT film decoupling capacitor, the communication-grade PCB, etc. Everything is aimed at good sound.

Aesthetic Tuning

The tuning is based on real instrument sounds and music pieces referencing, leading to the signature that is natural and full of musicality.

The Beauty of Arc

And Simplicity

The symbolic arc-shape design. Classic, simplistic, aesthetic. Enjoy music with the enjoyable design.


The Basis of Excellent Sound

Line output noise floor as low as 2.04μV, THD+N: 0.00022%. Headphone output noise floor 7.71μV, THD+N: 0.00058%(1.78Vrms /1KHz 0dB). Excellent hardware performance is the basis of excellent sound.

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