Reviews and their Verification for Authenticity

Reviews marked "Verified Purchase"

Only reviews marked "Verified Purchase" will be checked for authenticity. This takes place in two steps:

  1. The shop system automatically indicates the note "Verified purchase" only if the author is logged into our shop with his account at the time of writing and has actually purchased the item.
  2. A manual check for the actual correctness of the purchase is carried out by the shop operator following the check described under 1.Bei Gastbestellungen wird die Bewertung auch trotz eigentlichem Kauf nicht als "Verifizierter Kauf" gekennzeichnet.

In the case of guest orders, the rating is not marked as "verified purchase" even though the purchase was actually made

General Reviews without a Note

These reviews are not checked by us for authenticity in connection with whether the author has actually bought or tested the product. We also want to offer customers who have placed a guest order the opportunity to submit a review.