We offer a one-year product warranty for Aune products purchased in the Aune Store. If in rare cases you experience problems with your Aune device, please contact us via the contact form. Shipping costs can only be covered for genuine warranty cases and within Germany and Austria.

Period of validity of the guarantee
24 months after receipt of the goods for deliveries after 15.05.2022. For deliveries before this date, the warranty period is 12 months after receipt of the delivery.

Warranty giver
aune-store.com; Florian Mich; Anichstraße 2a; 6020 Innsbruck; Austria.

Persons covered by the guarantee
This warranty is only valid for end customers of the Aune-Store.com for Aune devices purchased from us.

Scope of the warranty
Damages are only covered for the purchased device and its accessories, which are caused by normal use of the device. Damage is not covered if the unit has been incorrectly connected, if other power supplies have been used, if the unit shows visible signs of impact or transport damage, improper use or gross wear and tear to the casing. The warranty becomes void if the unit is opened or otherwise modified. (e.g. visible wear on the housing screws or on the seal sticker on the housing).

The costs for shipping to us and return shipping will be covered for customers whose original delivery address was in Germany or Austria, provided that the damage is covered by the scope of the warranty. Devices may only be sent to us by arrangement and must be sent in the original packaging including accessories.

Territorial limitation of the warranty
The warranty is only valid within the EU and Switzerland. 

If you have problems with your device and suspect that it is covered by this warranty, please contact us via the contact form.

Aune products not purchased through us
We explicitly do not offer any warranty, guarantee or other service for Aune products that were not purchased through us. If a product is purchased through one of our B2B partners, please contact your dealer directly for any claims, this warranty is not transferred to other dealers. We do not service questionable products that have been placed on the market.

Warranty vs. guarantee
This voluntary warranty does not limit the statutory warranty.

Status 25.06.2022