Aune AR5000 Open Ear Headphone

Open Ear Design

50 mm innovative driver

MLD diaphragm

28 Ohm, easy to drive

Ultra low distortion

Variably adjustable

Lightweight Design 

Patented Wearing System

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Aune AR5000

A Journey to the Texture of Sound

MLD Driver - Large Tilt Angle Acoustic Structure - Concentric Circle Wearing System

The AR5000 headphones feature an innovative MLD (Multi-Layer Distributed) driver, a carefully designed high-tilt acoustic structure and a patented concentric circle wearing system that provides a relaxed and rich sound, a deep and wide soundstage, a comfortable wearing experience and an authentic reproduction of the exquisite texture of music.

Pure Stable Sound

This dynamic driver is unlike any other

The AR5000 headphones feature a 50 mm dynamic driver with an open back and an innovative structure. The MLD (Multi-Layer Distributed) diaphragm provides a balance of stiffness and damping, further solving the problem of break-up often found in large drivers. This reduction in distortion across the entire frequency range results in high transparency and a frequency response that easily extends to 40 kHz, allowing the AR5000 to faithfully reproduce even intricate musical details.

Powerful and Deep Bass

Big and Majestic Presence

The newly developed acoustic suspension and airflow system improve the linearity of the cone movement and equalise the internal pressure and sound velocity in the transducer, resulting in deep and powerful bass and a smooth and dynamic performance. Whether it's an exhilarating symphony or a thunderous roar, the AR5000 can effortlessly reproduce the size and intensity.

Comfort Acoustic Design

The innovative "concentric circle" fitting system, combined with the lightweight design, makes for a superb wearing experience. The size of the headband and the overall curvature are adjusted to the millimetre to ensure a perfect fit for every head shape and avoid any feeling of pressure or foreign bodies. The ear cup is made of breathable, acoustically slow-rebounding sponge and designed to completely cover the ears, allowing for extended listening sessions without discomfort.

Effortless Control through all Devices

A world of surprises to discover

The low impedance of 28 ohms improves compatibility with full-size headphones. High quality portable devices, such as the Yuki, are already capable of driving the headphones and delivering impressive overall performance. In addition, the AR5000 unfolds its surprisingly high potential in combination with desktop devices and opens up endless possibilities.

Detachable Cable Design

The detachable 3.5mm jack cable and universal interface, which matches the definition of most upgrade cables on the market, allows for easy use of different cable types and offers great versatility. (4.4 mm cables must be purchased separately)

Aesthetics and Harmony

The latest generation of aune's design language features beautifully CNC machined curves combined with a delicate champagne gold plating that exudes a subtle elegance with lustre, like the glow of dawn and the shades of a coloured glaze. The in-house and precision-engineered structure of aune, which comprises more than a hundred individual components, takes into account various aspects such as acoustics and ergonomics and ensures the harmony of aesthetics, acoustics and comfort. A utility model and a design patent have been registered for the AR5000.

 Pleasure is the Goal

The carefully developed acoustic structure ensures exceptional performance. The AR5000s provide a neutral and balanced sound foundation and are characterised by great musicality when reproducing voices and most instruments. They will relax your soul and soothe your mind with their engaging, tantalising, rich and relaxed sound.

Selected headphones of the Austrian chamber choir Collegium Vocale Innsbruck

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