Aune Yuki High End Dongle DAC

High End Headphone Amplifier DAC

4 Way Discrete Balanced Amplifier Circuitry

4 x 4 Transistors 

Dual DAC Chip CS43198

32 bit, 768 khZ, DSD 256

3.5 mm and 4.4 mm Headphone Connector

Dual Layer Structure

Hybrid Ceramic PCB

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Aune Yuki

High End Dongle DAC - Like No Other

Yuki, aune's new portable DAC with headphone amplifier, is equipped with a dual CS43198 DAC chip. aune has developed an innovative dual-layer structure that separates the digital circuit and the analogue headphone amplifier circuit. In addition, the 4-way balanced headphone amplifier has 4×4 transistors to drive the output. It is a unique "dongle" that focuses solely on sound.

Discrete Headphone Amplifier with Transistors

Special and powerful

The Yuki uses a special two-layer circuit board design. The discrete headphone amplifier board with ±5V power supply has 16 transistors that form the 4-way headphone amplifier. Compact yet powerful.

Dual DAC Chip

Independent Channels

Two CS43198 DAC chips. Two completely independent channels. Better dynamics and separation.

Two-Layer Structure

DAC and amplifier are completely separated from each other

Innovative dual-layer structure. One layer for the digital DAC circuitry, one for the analogue headphone amplifier circuitry. The Yuki has been designed with true high-fidelity reproduction in mind. The ultimate in sound quality is our goal.

Turn your Smartphone/Pad into a Hi-Res Player

Connect your smartphone/pad to the Yuki via USB and the sound quality is massively improved. It can be that simple to have high-quality sound anywhere.

The Computer's little Hi-Fi friend

Up to 32bit/768k DSD256

Connect the Yuki to your computer/laptop via USB, plug in your headphones and enjoy high resolution up to 32bit/768k DSD256.

Easy pairing with all types of Headphones

Excellent sound performance makes Yuki a great partner for all types of headphones.

The High-Fidelity Playing Experience

Ultra-low noise floor

Connect the Yuki to your Switch. The lifelike sounds, precise positioning and ultra-low noise floor of only 2.9μV make for an intense gaming experience.

The Different Headphone Amplifier

±5V Boost Converter

The headphone amplifier section uses several dedicated chips with ±5V supplies to power the 4 independent headphone amplifiers. This little thing has a lot of power in it.

Hybrid Ceramic PCB

Better High Frequencies

Ceramic PCBs feature excellent thermal conductivity and insulation, as well as low dielectric loss. The Yuki uses a hybrid ceramic PCB, which has the advantages of a ceramic PCB as well as high strength, resulting in better high frequency performance.

4 Independent Headphone Amplifiers

With 2 Headphone Outputs

The 4 independent headphone amplifiers with ±5V supply and balanced 4.4 mm and unbalanced 3.5 mm outputs can easily drive your IEMs and headphones.

Snow White & Crystal Clear

Aluminium alloy structure, fine baked enamel finish, glass window. The overall aesthetic design is to give you the feeling that art and technology are beautifully combined.

High Quality

The Basis for Excellent Sound

Headphone amplifier output noise: 2.9μV, THD+N: 0.00033% @1kHz. Excellent hardware performance has created a solid foundation for excellent sound.

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