Aune S10N Network Streamer Multi Player

Direct WLAN Streaming – Control App

DLNA, Airplay, UPnP

Bluetooth AptX HD, LDAC

Storage Device up to 2TB, NAS

PLL Clock Synchronisation

FPGA, FIFO, 32bit 768kHz, DSD512

Amazon, Tidal, Qobuz, ...

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Aune S10N

Digital Analog Music Player

The One Network Music Player You Need.

The Multi Music Player for all Scenarios

The S10N, the new generation of aune’s network music player in 2023, innovatively adopts distributed multi-core frame - Media Tek streaming core + freescale™ underlying hardware decoding core + LDAC/aptX HD Bluetooth core + aune PLL clock core + FPGA asynchronous generation core, which enables it to satisfy the high fidelity needs of wireless and local playback. It is the innovative mastertape-grade network music player that purely focuses on sound.

The Innovative Distributed 5-Core Frame

The Media Tek Streaming Core

Use the dedicated app to control the S10N Network Player, simple and convenient. Supports AirPlay, Tidal, Qobuz, QQ Music, etc. DLNA and NAS. It’s got what you want.

The NXP Cortex-M7 Core

Aune’s third generation underlying hardware decoding core. The hardware frame is similar to the classic CD player. Super fast startup. Supports 32bit/768k and DSD512. Coaxial/optical/IIS outputs. The whole CPU is used for sound reproduction. The S10N, the player that purely focuses on sound.

The Qualcomm QCC5125 Bluetooth Core

Via Bluetooth, the Aune S10N Bluetooth Player can play high-resolution audio from your smartphone /computer/music player. Supports HD Bluetooth codecs like LDAC and aptX HD. Bluetooth can sound so good, too.

The PLL Clock Processing Core

The complex and precise PLL core supports clock input. You can use either the internal clock or the external clock. And then, the FPGA core asynchronously generates the ultra-low-jitter digital signals, leading to the sound that is natural, musical and full of details.

The FPGA Audio Processing Core

The ARM directly decodes the mastertape-grade music file, and the signals are transmitted to the FPGA equipped with two ultra-low-jitter oscillators; the FPGA then uses the algorithm to regenerate the ultra-low jitter digital signals, and achieves the precise output.


One Focus

The S10N satisfies the need of multi-scenario application. With the support for streaming/local/HD Bluetooth, it can play from all kinds of mastertape-grade sound sources. “Variable” as it can get, the invariable focus is always the sound.

The Home Mastertape-Grade HiFi System

Built in a Snap

An Aune S10N Music Player and a pair of active speakers/an amplifier+active speakers. There, the home mastertape-grade HiFi system is built.

Multiple Interfaces

Easy Connection

The S10N has not only coaxial and optical out, but also IIS out (for local playback only); has the RCA and XLR line outputs that are not just any ones, but variable ones; has not only common digital/analog outputs, but also a clock input. The S10N can satisfy all kinds of needs of connection.

Custom Ultra-Low-Jitter Oscillator

Purer Digital Signals

The custom ultra-low-jitter oscillator, together with the PLL core, leads to purer and more precise digital signals.

Digital + Linear Dual Transformers

The Power Supply Frame

Digital + linear transformers, multi-channel two-stage power supply and low-ripple voltage regulator chip, lead to the great sound of both digital outputs and analog outputs.

4’’ Display Screen, Simple and Neat

Say No to Light Pollution and Interference

The 4’’display screen is simple and neat, minimizing light pollution and radio-frequency interference. Moreover, the controls can be done on the smartphone. The design creates a clean listening environment and helps you focus on the music.

USB Port × 2

External Storage Support Up to 2TB

Two USB ports, both support mobile hard drives and USB flash drives of up to 2TB. With the large external storage support, you can have a large local music library and enjoy your favorite songs with ease.

Two Antennas

WiFi and Bluetooth, Each Has Its Own

The HD Bluetooth and streaming are two independent parts that have their own antenna and thus don’t interfere with each other.

Rigorous HiFi Component Selection

Only for the Sound

The components used for the Aune S10N are high-quality ones that are carefully selected, such as the C0G capacitor and the film chip capacitor. Everything is aimed at good sound.

High-Spec - More Details

Actual measurements: noise floor 4.39μV; THD+N 0.00068%; THD+N for digital part -147.6dB (1kHz@24bit/96k); jitter 181ps. Excellent specifications is the basis of excellent sound.

Aesthetic Tuning

The tuning is based on real instrument sounds and music pieces referencing, leading to the signature that is natural and full of musicality.

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