Aune SC1 Audio Clock

Tailor Made OXCO

Titans Technology

Independent Power Supply

Synchronised Isolated Outputs

Wide Frequency Range

Low Jitter

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Aune SC1 Audio Clock

The Reliable Conductor Of Your System

Custom Oscillator - Titans Technology - 4 Outputs

Custom OCXO

Not an OCXO that anybody can get. Not a fake one that’s just a mass-produced model with the chassis changed. Our custom OCXO is the collaboration of our senior tuner and a big oscillator manufacturer.

Independent Power Supply

One more component, one more interference risk. The SC1 uses a low-noise high-current LDO (LDO Noise TYP less than 30μV) for the OCXO power supply, plus the dedicated shielding can for isolation. The sound is pure, transparent and dark-background.

Synchronized Isolated Output

The 4 outputs are not simply square wave*2+sine wave*2. We managed to make the phase synchronization of each of the 4 less than 0.00001° when they are isolated from each other. Great for multiple devices connection.

Wide Frequency Domain & Low Jitter

The jitter range of the common oscillators is usually 10Hz-100KHz. aune, with years’ experience in audio clock and the innovative technology, achieved less-than-200fs jitter in a wider frequency domain (1Hz-100MHz). The precise audio clock signals can be provided to you in a wider range now.

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