Aune ADC0310 Audio Clock Cable

High performance audio clock cable

Canare BNC connector

High quality materials

Length: 0,28 m or 1 m 

Item number 110504

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Aune ADC0310

High Performance Clock Cable

The ADC0310 clock cable is developed for high-quality clock signal transmission. Not only does it use high-quality materials, but it also is carefully tuned with listening sessions.

Carefully Selected Materials

  1. The ADC0310 is made of the high-quality CANARE cold-pressing BNC connector and the professional cable selected from a bunch of clock cables by instrument

High Standard, Ideal Outcome

The ADC0310 uses CANARE's original cold pressing tool for BNC cold pressing. The high-quality cable, the high-quality sleeve, the professional technicians and the high standard assembly - they are the reason why the ADC0310 is such a high-performance clock cable that's ideal for your HiFi system.

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