Aune AL2 Cinch Cable

High quality audio RCA cable

Van Damme Pro Grade cable


3% lead-free silver solder

Length 0.25 m or 1.5 m

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Aune AL2

RCA Audio Cable

The Aune AL2 is a pair of RCA audio cables made of the Van Damme Pro grade cable and the YONGSHENG connector. Assembled by senior technicians with years of experience.

Carefully Selected Cable

The AL2 uses the Van Damme Pro grade cable which is high-purity OFC and silver-plated OFC braided. The sound is detailed, well balanced, and has a wide sound stage.

Carefully Selected Connector

The AL2 uses the gold-plated RCA connector of YONGSHENG (a Neutrik sub-brand) which is well-structured and has reliable contact. It also reserves Neutrik’s sound signature. The great matching with the cable makes the final effect even better.

Professional Assembly

The AL2 is assembled by professional technicians, with the 3% silver lead-free solder and the thermostatic soldering station. The high-quality assembly contributes to the highly reliable signal transmission.

The Ideal Length

The AL2 length is set according to the port positions of various desktop devices including the aune X series. The ideal length makes the connection look neat and tidy.

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