Aune X7s Pro Headphone Amplifier Class-A

Puristic Class-A headphone amplifier

Balanced / unbalanced output

3 modes for different Headphones

8 power transistors in 4 groups

Balanced sound and rich performance

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Aune X7s Pro

Class-A Headphone Amplifier with Balanced Output

The X7s Pro is a headphone amplifier which adopts class-A biasing design, and has both single-ended and balanced output. With the high sound quality and great power and compatibility to drive most headphone and earphones, it is a high-performance headphone amplifier.

Heritage oft he Classic

Another masterpiece by the well-recieved Panda and B1 headphone amplifier designer.

Brings Out Your Headphones Full Potential

Three gain levels to choose from, friendly to all kinds of headphones and earphones. There s always one for you.

Compact Size

Slightly bigger than a CD, the X7s Pro can be placed in various listening environments. It can also work as a pre-amp. With the X7s 2021, a desktop HiFi system building it eas.


Eight pieces of BJT, for independent amp circuits, positive and negative power supply ... X7s Pro aims to extract full potential oft he headphone.

Single-Ended & Balanced

The X7s Pro headphone amp has headphone output of both single-ended 6,35mm and balanced XLR, giving you two different tastes.

Feel the beauty of Class-A

The special class-A amplification gives the sound a bit of warmth and richness. Touch the notes, and be touched.

Class-A is also named as A- class.

Two pcs of (or two groups of) crystal tubes of class A amplifier output stage are always in conductive state, that is to say, no matter whether there is input signal or not , they would keep conducting current all the time and make these two currents equal to peak value of AC Power. At this time AC flows into load under condition of its large signal. Because of super-low infidelity of its open-loop, it is regarded as the most idealistic amplifying design of sound.
Class A has merits of fullness and clearness in sound and makes triode work within linear area forever , so infidelity hardly happen to Class A. It gives a very good sensitivity of listening, especially its small signal, which sounds clear, detailed and rich.

Outstanding Specifications

After four PCB optimizations, the actual measurement of frequency response (20-80k) reaches +-0,3dB, THD+N reaches 0,0002%. Broad soundstage, dark background, abundant details.

Sound Tuning

The tuning is based on real instrument sounds and musical content referencing, resulting in a signature that is natural and full of musicality.


Aune X7s trial products were well received by hundreds of people at the audio Fair.

Aesthetic Design

The Aune X series has a special arc shape design and golden ratio length to width, giving it great aesthetics.

Rigorous Components

Panasonic SMT film capacitor, ON high-frequency triode, ALPS audio potentiometer ... All those HiFi components and the strict QC based on Audio Precision audio analyzer make sure that the sound quality of every unit you receive is like ONE.

Recommended Combination

X8 Magic DAC + X7s Pro

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