Aune X8 XVIII Magic DAC

Hi-Res up to 32bit/768k and DSD512

Op-Amps interchangeable

TRS Balanced Output

Aune FPGA Innovation

Variable / Fixed Output

incl 1 extra OP Amp

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Aune X8 XVIII Anniversary Edition DAC

Explore the Magic of Sound

FPGA – TRS Balanced Output – Op-Amp Interchangeable – 7 Filter Mode

The X8 XVIII ist he special edition of Aune´s 18th anniversary. Having reserved the classic feauture of „op-amp icherchangeable“ and the 7 filter mkodes, it added the balanced TRS preamp output. More room for your exploration oft he sound.

FPGA Core Design

The X8 XVIII supports high-resolution decoding up to 32bit/768k and DSD512. Using the FPGA technology researched and developed by the Aune engineers, the X8 has purer digital signals, and you get the purest sound.

Balanced TRS Preamp Output

More Connectivity Options

Beside the inputs of USB, coaxial, optical and the outputs of RCA preamp or RCA line, the Aune X8 XVIII has now got the balanced TRS preamp out. Look at what a compact device can provide.
(Bluetooth antenna only with Aune X8 XVIII Bluetooth Version)

Op-Amps Interchangeable

Everyone Can Be a Tuner

With the op-amp interchangeable, you can change the op-amp and search fort he sound you like. Enjoy the exploration. Find an extra op-amp set available in the Aune-Store

A DAC for Portable Devices Too

This Digital-Analog Converter can be connected to an Apple or Android phone/tablet via USB. The sound quality improvement is instant.

HiFi Your Computer

Bring out the Full Potential of Your Active Speakers

With a computer, this Aune DAC can support 32bit/768k DSD512. Play the high-resolution audio files or music stream. Pair it with your active speakers or headphone amplifier like the Aune X7s. PC HiFi simple and perfect.

Expirience the Different Tastes in One Device

The XVIII is compatible with all kinds of dual op-amps. Different dual op-amps characteristics can be fully displayed.

Seven Filter Modes

Explore the „Tone Rainbow“

Seven filter modes – seven different tastes. Together with the interchangeable op-amps, you can have so much fun exploring.

Ideal DoP Coaxial Support

Without a PC you can Reach 384k DSD512

The Aune X8 XVIII´s coaxial input supports up to PCM384k and DSD128. Pair it with a digital transport/player like the Aune X5s and finalize you audio system without any disstortions of your PC.

Even Better Specifications

Actual meassurements: Noise Floor as low as2,45µV; THD+N as low as 0,00027%@1kHz; 0,00020% @18kHz. The Aune X8 hardware performance has also been improved. Excellent specifications ist he basis of excellent sound.

The tuning is based on real instrument sound and music pieces referencing, leading to the signature that is natural and full of details.


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