Aune Flamingo Tube DAC Headphone Amp

Hi-Res Tube DAC Headphone Amp

Tube and Op-Amp Modus

32bit/768k DSD512

Variabel Line Out

High-Grade Components

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Aune Flamingo

Tube DAC Headphone Amplifier

The Aune Flamingo tube DAC with headphone amp, not only has a tube in its compact body that can give you the warm and mellow sound, but also has the op-amp mode to select from. The decoding support is mastertape-level: up to 32bit/768k DSD512. And then it can be easily paired with your headphones and active speakers. It is a high-quality DAC that’s cute and capable.

Tube - The secret of the Charming Warm Sound

Vacuum tube has a history of over a century. It has better overload tolerance, better linearity, more even harmonics, and the unique taste that the transistors cannot provide.

The 5th Generation

The Evolution of the Classic

The classic tube DAC series of Aune, born in 2014, has now come to its 5th generation. With our own understanding of tube circuit and years of experience in tube’s application in audio, the new generation has better performance than all its predecessors while having a much more compact size.

Tube Mode & Op-Amp Mode

The Flamingo has more than just tube. The addition of the op-amp mode allows you to switch to a different kind of sound whenever you want to. Double press the knob. Just that simple.

Mastertape-Level Decoding

„HiFi“ your Computer

Connect the Flamingo to your computer via USB. Let it be your HiFi sound card.The support for 32bit/768k and DSD512 will give you the mastertape-level experience.

Your Phone and Pad Can Sound So Much Better

(corresponding cable needed)
Not satisfied with the sound quality of your smartphone/Pad? The Flamingo, with the mastertape-level decoding ability and the tube, can take it to a whole different level, instantly.

Coaxial Input

Up to PCM384k DoP128

CD player, digital audio player... Try connecting everything with coaxial output with the Flamingo. Let more of your devices join the HD club.

Seven Filter Modes

Explore the“Tone Rainbow”

Seven filter modes. Seven different tastes. Together with the special Tube/OPA dual mode, you can have so much fun exploring.


Bring Out the Potential of Your Headphones

The classic OP+BUF frame and the positive-and-negative high-current power supply make it easy for the Flamingo to drive all kinds of headphones and IEMs.

Make Your Active Speakers „Tastier“

The Large and Complex Power Supply Frame

Only for the Sound

The Flamingo’s R&D took a whole year. The large and complex power supply frame which integrates 6.3V / 5V / 3.3V / ±9V / ±24V and the high-standard layout make the Flamingo so compact yet powerful.

High-Quality Components

Details Make the Difference

Communication-level FR PCB material, WIMA capacitor, Panasonic FK capacitor, C0G capacitor, low-ripple LDO... We use high-quality components, and you will hear how details make the difference.

The Beauty of Arc

And Simplicity

The Flamingo´s design incorporates the elements of Aune´s logo. Feel the lightness and the groove oft he arc.
(Remote control need to be purchased separately).

High Spec

The Basis of Excellent Sound

Aestetic Tuning

The tuning is based on real instrument sounds and music pieces referencing, leading tot he signature that is natural and full of musicality.


One for All

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