Aune X5s Multi-Functional-Player 8. Anniversary Ed. Hi-Res

Hi-Res Digital Music Player

Bluetooth AptX HD Streamer and Transmitter

High Definition Files

FPGA 4th Generation

PLL Clock Technologie and External Clock Support

Remote Control

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Aune X5s 8th Anniversary Edition

Multiple Formats * PLL Clock Technology * FPGA

Enjoy the Mastertape Level Experience 

The X5s 8th Anniversary Edition is the 4th generation of the aune X5 digital music player series. It adopts the freescaleTM 600M processor and the hardware decoding frame. The 8th Anniversary Edition even managed to handle 32bit/768k and DSD512. What's more, it adds the support for external clock. It is a multy-functional digital music player that purely focuses on sound quality.

The Special Frame - From 8 Years’ Iteration

Nowadays, as new music players are born everyday on the market, the aune X5 series, however, insists on the pure underlying hardware decoding form. The frame is similar to the CD player, focusing on audio decoding. The whole CPU is only for reproduction. Pure and simple.

Supports Multiple Formats - And Even Higher Resolution

The hardware-decoding X5 series, this time, overcame the technology difficulties and managed to support 32bit/768k DSD512 decoding. More details and better sound quality is what you are going to experience.

Build Your Home Audio System 

With Ease

An X5s 8th Anniversary Edition, a pair of active speakers. There, enjoy the light HiFi system right away.

A Bluetooth Transport/Player

With FPGA Asynchronous Technology

With the CSR867X Bluetooth 5.0 module and the support for aptX HD, the X5s 8th Anniversary Edition can be easily connected to a mobile phone and receive high-quality audio files from online music libraries. And then it can output coaxial/optical digital signals and analog signals at the same time.

A High-Quality

Bluetooth Transmitter

When a USB flash drive/external hard drive/SD card is inserted, the X5s 8th Anniversary Edition can read the files and transmit high-quality Bluetooth signals to your Bluetooth headphones or Bluetooth speakers. With such a pairing, you finally get rid of the interference from phone Bluetooth transmission.

External Clock Support

Ultra-low jitter PLL. FPGA technology. External clock input. More room for your exploration of the sound. (XC1 clock recommended)

Ideal DoP Coaxial Output Support

Without a PC You Can Reach 32bit/384k DSD128 Too

The X5s 8th Anniversary Edition, which uses FPGA asynchronous clock technology to regenerate digital signals, can be paired with the Aune X8 DAC or the Aune X1s DAC/amp to build the 32bit/384k DSD128 system without a PC.

Adjustable Line Out

7 Filter Modes

Adjustable line out optional; 7 filter modes to choose from. There’s always one for you.

Supports Various External Storage Devices

An SD card slot, a USB port; external hard drive support up to 2 TB. Play as you wish.

4th Generation FPGA

Asynchronous Clock FIFO Technology

ARM decodes music files directly, transmits the signals to the FPGA which has an ultra-low jitter clock, regenerates ultra-low jitter digital signals, and thus achieves ultra-low digital output. The sound coming out is so full of details! That's why.

Bluetooth Asynchronous

FPGA Regeneration Technology

The X5s 8th Anniversary Edition is capable of all these: master-tape level music file playback, high definition Bluetooth receiving, and Bluetooth transmission. Play music files from your smartphone on the X5s 8th Anniversary Edition, it will become a digital transport with Bluetooth asynchronous FPGA technology, which can output signals via coaxial out, optical out and line out at the same time.

Fully Isolated Output

Zero Interference

Digital output adopts professional fully isolated digital transformer, leading to purer digital signals with zero interference.

Ultra-Low Jitter

More Details

The measurement of the digital signals via coaxial/optical output from the FPGA of our own algorithm is as low as 199ps. DoP coaxial output can support DSD 128 and 384k. The X5s 8th Anniversary Edition, your DAC’s ideal partner.

Excellent Specs

Digital output distortion: -141 dB, jitter: 199ps, line out noise: 4.6 µV, THD+N: -102 dB. Excellent specs is the basis of excellent sound.

Aesthetic Tuning 

The tuning is based on real instrument sounds and music pieces referencing, leading to the signature that is natural and full of musicality.

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