Aune XC1 Common Audio Clock

2* 10Mhz Sin Wave 2* 10Mhz Square Wave

Intensive R&D - Highclass Components


Simultaneous operation (ex. X1s GT + X5s)

Microvolt Level Noise Chips - Cas.

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Aune XC1 Audio Clock

New Tech – Multiple Outputs – High Standard

The XC1, developed by the aune S1c team, with a high-quality OCXO and 2*2 outputs, is your great helper in Improving the whole system’ s performance.

With Tech Innovation, You can Easily Have a High-Quality Clock of Your Own

Traditional audio clocks are High-End and high-priced; DIY products have problems in appearance and uniformity of performance. The Aune team, having been devoted in audio field for 17 years, is able to bring you great HiFi experience by the high-performance OCXO.

Multiple Outputs, Multiple Options

You have a digital transport, a DAC, a player or an all-in-one. You know the significance of the clock to each of them. You want to connect the external clock to them all.The XC1 supports 4 isolated outputs that can work simultaneously.

The Stubborn Pursuit of High Fidelity

The PCBA plug-in capacitor only adopts original Panasonic or SANYO ones imported from Japan;

The clock circuit chip capacitor only adopts Panasonic ECPU ones (the whole PCBA ECPU usage rate is as high as 88%);

The power supply adopts microvolt-level-noise chips cascading. Multilevel noise reduction.

And you know what all those together can output.


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